Frequently asked questions

How many liters of water will fit into the spa?
Can I place the spa on a concrete surface?
Can I leave the spa outdoor year around?
Is it recommended to use chemicals in the spa?
Does my spa have a factory warranty?
Does the spa surface need any particular care in order to last longer?
How can I avoid that dirt etc gets into the water?
How can I avoid that the spa doesn't damage the lawn?
How does the UV-radiation affect the spa surface?
How much water can i fill into the spa?
How long does it take to fill the spa?
How many seasons is the spa expected to last?
How much air should I fill into the spa?
How often should I change the water?
Does the law require a fence or enclosure?
Do I get a video so that I know how to install the spa?
Can pets play in the spa?
Is there any repair-kit with the spa?
How often is it recommended to test the water quality?
Should I install the spa indoor or outdoor?
What can cause folds on my spa?
Can I use chlorine and bromine together?
There is a strong chemical smell and my skin is sensitive when bathing - What should I do?
How precise is the repair patch?
How often shall I clean and or change the filter?
Can I use the spa when it is cold outside?
What is needed in order to prepare a place for the spa?
What is the average depth of my spa ?
What is the biggest angle that the spa can be mounted on?
What material is the spa made of?
What surfaces is recommended or good to install the spa on?
What should I use in order to clean my spa before i store it over the winter?
Can excessive use of chemicals damage the spa?
Why is it not recommended to use electrical extension cords?
Is the heater broken if the heat light button doesn't light up?
Why does the spa sometimes stop running for a few minutes?
Why is the filter function activated as soon as the heat button is pressed?
What can I do in order to improve the heat in the spa?
What is wrong when the led- indicator is showing "SH"
How much does the temperature rise after having used the heater?
Why is the heater leaking at the inlet-outlet?